Sustainability has been a buzz word since the last few years now but how has that affected the fashion industry and the world at large?

 Fashion grew as a necessary part of our lives as a protection from the environment we grew up in. Chogas that evolved to sarees, drapes played a smart role in this ever growing industry, a reflection of which can be seen in today's trends as well. But when did this necessity turn into a luxury? With fast fashion and on again off again trends the true essence of fashion seems lost.
And just like that a new trend was born - Green Fashion.

Green fashion refers to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques. From the ground up when a piece of clothing is made without harming the environment or the labour that produces it, the item qualifies as a green product.

Supporting this thought and standing by these principles, Pink Cactii uses all sustainable resources and methods in production.